Hoverhook – The Ultimate Storage Space Saver

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Hoverhook is the ultimate storage space saver. Using galvanised steel, the Hoverhook is mobile, flexible and perfectly equipped to maximise your storage space.

Both sides offer a diverse range of uses, and the ability to place the hooks anywhere on your joists reflect its superior adaptability.

It comes with clip-on, rubberised plastic sleeves included, to prevent any scratching to items.



Product Description

Hoverhook is made from galvanised steel.

There are two Hoverhook units per pack and comes in two size options:

  • Size 1 is up to 43mm wide and 115 mm deep
  • Size 2 is up to 63mm wide and 150mm deep (coming soon!)

Each unit weighs 2.5 kg.

Additional Information
Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 20 x 30 x 40 cm

Medium (43mm wide and 115 mm deep), Large (63mm wide and 150mm deep)

Important Safety Information

– The hanger is for use with domestic ladders and bicycles only
– For load-bearing purposes, don't hang it in the middle of the joist – hang on a third of the joist nearest to the wall.
– This product is for use on structural timber only (this will automatically be the case for any manufactured joists).
– The joist size must suit the span.
– Not to be used on damaged joists.
– Use one pair for hanging a singular unit (bicycle or ladder) only.
– Secure to the beam with screws (optional).
– Do not overload the beam.


2.5 kg (per unit)